2020/Put a hundredsquarefeet out there

Moving from 2016 to the social crisis of 2020, as an artist, I have had a nomadic life. An experimental fase during which I have been collecting sounds, colours, motions, materials, spaces and ideas; roughly, sparsely, temporarily, fluidly. To mark this fase and being bound to the hundredsquarefeet that constitutes my current work area, I am now occupied with rebuilding this collection, establishing its key features.

To navigate the hundredsquarefeet field, works of a selection of artists that has been of importance to me will act as a guide. These are: The blue of distance by Rebecca Solnit, Big Kids by Michael Deforge, Slaughterhouse Nr.5 by Kurt Vonnegut, Dead Man by Jim Jarmusch and its soundtrack by Neil Young. 

The following is a sequence of images that I have generated so far.